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what you are supposed to find here is an executable compressor that is able to stuff about 20k of finest code and data into less than 4k.
but be warned: donot use 20to4 unless you know exactly what you're doing. this also means: read the manual!

in addition, related tools and documentation will be supplied to help you to compress your program further.

good luck,
after lots of testing we found out that it is smaller to do import by hash directly in the executable. sourcecode containing the necessary information can be found in the files section.
as we got only two requests for a new 20to4 version we will not continue to release public versions of the compressor. if you really need a new version we will give it to you on request.
we have been asked to include import by hash in 20to4. a version of 20to4 supporting this technique will be available in early february.
if you want to test it in advance contact us by email.
the first public beta of 20to4 is available now.
refer to the files section
at breakpoint 2003 20to4 reached beta status.
feel free to contact us for a test version.
yamato released his yxm-tool
refer to the files section
site launched