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20to4 has been developed for over three years now with the help of several people.
thanks must go to gem, hellfire, ryg, spacecommander, vudu and yamato for their efforts to make 20to4 what it is now.
how does all that work, you might ask. well then you are right here.
20to4 is a compressor based on the windows cab compression functionality. plain and simple.
it does some optimizations to the structure of windows PE files to improve the compression ratio. the range of optimisations includes import table rebuild, section realignment, header interleave and converting those nasty import by name strings to import by number structures. but be warned, if you use import by number, the executable will run only on systems that have the same windows with the same updates installed.
if you need further information on 20to4 or if you have a suggestion for a feature please drop a line to .
if you happen to run into a bug, please send the file you tried to compress along with a short description of the problem to .